Monday, September 6, 2010

Careful What You Wish For

Oh, gosh. It has not seriously been a month since my last post?!?
Yes it has.
(guilty face)
Here's what's been happening. I submitted quite a few designs to Creative Knitting magazine, and also one to Yarn magazine, which is Australia based.
I also submitted designs to the Sanguine Gryphon, a hand dyed yarn website.
Guess what !

They all accepted my designs !!!
Creative accepted TWO of them!
That's in addtion to the 3 Irish Girls who had already accepted 2 of my patterns.
I am incredibly thrilled and grateful that they appreciate my design efforts.

Can you guess what's coming next?
Yes -- I have to knit and write patterns for a total of 6 items - 4 of them sweaters - in 6-8 weeks.
(takes deep breaths).

I am not an especially fast knitter - I never needed to be fast so I didn't worry about it.

Based on my rough estimates, I think I may need to knit between 8 and 10 hours a day for the next 6 weeks. Maybe I'll get faster as time goes on. Maybe my estimates are off.


Anyway, wish me luck. I will be needing it.
Any helpful suggestions are welcome.


  1. Congratulations on the pattern sales, Brenda! THere are many "test" knitters out there who may be willing to help you knit the samples for a free pattern. Just sayin'. You could put the word out on Ravelry or on our SnB Yahoo group.

  2. Wow that's interesting - you submit design ideas before writing and test knitting the pattern. I had no idea!

  3. Yeah, my method, such as it is, is to do the sketch, and have an idea in my mind as to how I would knit it. Then I kind of simultaneously knit it and write the pattern together. I write what I do and do what I write. Remember, I'm self taught.
    I don't know exactly what to write in the pattern until I'm sure it works in the garment...

    I can't knit it in advance because the buyers of the design specify what yarn they want used. Often they supply the yarn.

  4. Fingers & toes crossed for you that the knitting goes fast. Congratulations on the commissions.

    - Pam

  5. congrats & knit swiftly!

    Re: submissions, I do pretty much the same as you; sketch, swatch in something sort of similar, make initial charts/spreadsheets, submit. If accepted &/or if I'm going to write it up regardless, then I start knitting & refining.

  6. I just had one additional design accepted. I took Ellen's advice (thanks, Ellen!) and found a test knitter for it.