Thursday, September 29, 2011

New Pattern!

I haven’t yet blogged about my trip to London in May and the fabulous Chelsea Flower Show. And I haven’t blogged about my vacation in the south of France in late August/early September. I will get to those in good time. But first I will talk about recent knitting-related stuff.

My latest published pattern is the Terrigal Trio of Tops. It's published in the September 2011 issue of Yarn magazine. This Australian based magazine can be found at JoAnne's and other craft related stores. After one year, it will be available on

It’s a simple tank top that comes with a surprise – there are 3 different ways to wear it.
First: is a classic fitted tank top with a deep V neck. Great for summer weekends or going out at night, it lets you show a little cleavage.
Second: perhaps you want to wear the same top for work but find the V neck a bit much? Add a matching lacy insert which snaps or buttons in, and you’re covered up for the office. The lace can peek out when you’re wearing a jacket or cardigan over the tank.
Want more? Make another triangle in jaunty stripes and you’ve got a third sporty look, accented with bright silver buttons.
When the cooler weather comes, wear it as a vest with a crisp white shirt underneath. That’s version number 4!
The design was inspired by the look of 17th century ladies’ dresses. At night they showed a deep d├ęcolletage, and by day they tucked a bit of lace over their shoulders and in the neckline, to make it a more modest day dress.
The design is done in stockinette stitch with occasional purl stitches for texture, and has waist shaping for a smooth silhouette. An attached I-cord is used for the edging along the neck and armholes. The buttonholes are cleverly hidden by the I-cord. Alternatively snaps can be used to attach the lacy insert. The hem is finished with a tiny ruffle. These design elements result in a clean modern look with texture interest.

I hope you like this design!