Friday, July 23, 2010

OK, now some knitting

First, the play, The 3 Musketeers, was fun. Some actors were better than others, but overall I think they did a great job. They took some parts of the original very long novel and made it hang together fairly well. The setting was gorgeous, in Topanga Canyon at the Will Geer outdoor theater.

I still continue to be surprised that there are these lovely pockets of wilderness right in the city.

So, in knitting:

I finished the baby booties for my granddaughter, and they were very well received.

It's winter there, so she will get good use out of them. They match a sweater I made for her last May. It's on the right over here.

She is staying incognito so that the paparazzi don't stalk her :-)

Next, I've almost finished a super secret project for publication (Yay!). It's a child's cardi for Tangled - an online magazine. I'll post a link when it's published, natch.

This is my second published pattern! Here is the first.

I've been inspired lately to submit design ideas everywhere. I've also had 2 more designs accepted for a hand-dyed yarn company (Yay again!)

Also, I'm working on the Sassymetrical sweater. I'm not sure that it is going to drape properly, so i'm going to add beads to the border. Sneaky, eh? I hope it works.

I have a pair of socks on the needles which I work on sporadically. I do have one done.

This is a really different pattern - they are knitted sideways!

And finally, I couldn't resist casting on this cute baby hoodie, called Snug, done in sideways garter stitch. So adorable! I'm doing it a rust cotton worsted, with cream trim.

More next time...

P.S. I'm continuing to throw out one thing a day, at least! Plastic containers, jars, expired grocery items... and I haven't even hit my closet or bathroom yet.


  1. Those slippers are so cute! :)
    Have put you in my rss reader, will be watching!

  2. Cute little baby booties! :)

  3. There is a girl in my knitting group in Kingston who has been doing the same thing. Selling patterns. She sold one to the Knitting magazine in the UK and most recently she has sold one to knitpicks. I have a hard enough time following someone else's pattern so I'm really impressed with you both.

  4. Oh, just looove the sideways socks. They look so cool. Love, Hanna =o)

  5. Where did you get the pattern for those side-ways socks? They're intriguing! If you made it up, I'll buy a copy.

    Glad you're back blogging. I know we chat in other places, but it's nice to see you finding your voice again.

    - Pam

  6. Pam, the pattern for the Sideways socks is here. . Unfortunately they are not avaialble right now, but will be in future.