Thursday, December 18, 2008

a knitting interchange

I was at a cookie-decorating party on the weekend, the conversation somehow turned to knitting (I didn't bring it up, the hostess did.)
And so I showed one of the women there the hand-knit socks I was wearing.
She admired them and asked, how much would you charge to make me a pair?
I sighed, and said, if I charged even minumum wage it would be over $100.

And if I charged less, I would really be undervaluing my time, which would make *me* feel bad.
So I can't sell them.
I can only give them.

Weird, huh? But you understand.

I've already given away 9 pairs. Only kept one for myself.

My sister recently gushed about how wonderful the socks I just sent her were. This is them in the photo. (Broadripple pattern from
That feels nice.

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