Sunday, August 3, 2014

A Review - Knitting Needles

I should say, I have all kinds/brands of needles. I use circulars for everything, but I do have Knit Picks interchangeables, Hiya Hiya, Addi, Chiao Goo, Kollage, and even Signatures. I also have a set of inexpensive needles from China that I ordered on eBay.

Guess what, I like them all, in their own way. 
The interchangeables from Knit Picks are so convenient, but there’s always just the slightest drag where the cable meets the needle, so recently I have been using the fixed circulars when I can.

Recently I was given 3 circular needles from Knitter’s Pride to try out. I had the Karbonz, the Dreamz, and the Nova Cubics. Here are my impressions:

Karbonz – these were my favorites. The tip is quite pointy, the same as the Signature Needles stiletto point, which I like very much. The cable join was nice and smooth, no drag. The cable itself was flexible, not floppy, and seemed sturdy enough without being stiff. I was very impressed with these.
Cubix – these are cubic in the needles, i.e. the cross section of the needles. I have heard that for some people these are more comfortable and can reduce cramps or soreness. I didn’t really experience this, but they were really pleasant to use and had a nice feel to them. The tips were nice and pointy, and the cable was good as well.
Dreamz – are the wood needles. They have a bit more “grab” than the others and would be best for a more slippery yarn. I was testing these needles with a merino yarn, and for this yarn I preferred the Karbonz.   The Dreamz have a good point and the same cable as the others.

All the needles have the size stamped onto them, so there’s no constantly looking for the needle gauge to check your needle sizes. That is a great feature.
Thanks to Knitter’s Pride for supplying the needles for testing.

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