Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Book Review - New Vintage Lace

I love knitting lace, so I was excited to see this book -- New Vintage Lace - By Andrea Jurgrau, Interweave/F+W; $24.99 

Do you admire doilies and antique lace tablecloths for the exquisite workmanship, but can’t find a place for them in your contemporary life? Yeah, me too.
Well maybe you don’t want lace doilies all over the house, but you can wear lace wraps, shawls and hats.
That’s where Andrea’s book comes in: she has carefully adapted vintage lace patterns to modern, wearable pieces.
The book begins with a useful discussion of the different weights and fibers of yarns and how to use them; types of beads; and blocking tips. There’s also a great discussion of swatching; in addition to checking gauge, swatches are indispensable for seeing how well the yarn works with the lace pattern. Watch the lace pattern practically disappear when a variegated yarn is knitted up! This is a lesson that I had to learn the hard way.
The 22 projects are arranged in categories of one-skein projects, small shawls, triangles and squares, and larger projects. Here are some highlights:
There are some doilies that are turned into Beanies like the Clematis Doily and Beanie

The Cherry Blossom Stole is very pretty, with allover mesh and lacy borders : 
Copyright Joe Hancock and F+W Publishing

Kodama Shawlette is a lovely semi circle lacy gem. 
I really appreciated having schematics so that you don’t have to guess at the finished shape of the shawl.
Coeur d’Amour is another pretty one.

Blue Dahlia has a sort of V shape, almost like 3/4 of a circle. 
Copyright Joe Hancock and F+W Publishing
Ghost Orchid is another stunning piece. I think it would be perfect as a wedding  shawl.  

The book concludes with a Design your Own Shawl section, with lots of useful info, and Sources for the various tools and yarns used in the book.


I really enjoyed the book and Andrea’s careful, methodical approach. I have no doubt that I’ll be knitting from this book soon.

Note: Charts only are provided for the lace.

Disclaimer: I received a review copy of this book.

By Andrea Jurgrau
Interweave/F+W; $24.99

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  1. I just purchased your beautiful "Somerset Hat and Mittens for a fried recently diagnosed with lung cancer. While I find you Pattern very well written, I'm stuck in the beginning of the hat after the brim. I might be over thinking this, but I'm really confused. Do I knit one row immediately after I do the knitted cast of? Also, it says to place a marker 4 stitches to the right of the 10 cast on stitches. When is it placed? Is it looking at the piece from the wrong side or the right side? Do I do that knitted row to get the hat in the round, or do I start directly on the cable set up? Any help you can give me will be great! I need to get this done quickly, we don't know how long she has and is losing her hair right now. Thanks!!!