Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Tips and Tricks!

Hello all,
I thought I’d try something different and actually provide some useful information once in a while.

Tip for today:
Provisional cast-on
I always have trouble with provisional cast-on and I've been knitting for ages.
Method #1 - Here's my slightly cheating method: I cast on as usual with a different colour yarn (waste yarn). Knit one row, then change to the actual yarn I want to use. 

When it's time to do something with that cast on edge, I thread a tapestry needle with yarn, or a small diameter circular knitting needle, through the stitches of the first row with the right colour yarn.
Then I cut the waste yarn and unravel and remove it.
Voila, I have live stitches ready to work.

Method #2 -  Have you ever used Judy’s Magic Cast-on to start the toe of a toe-up sock? Brilliant, right?  Bet you’ve never used it as a provisional cast on.

Just put stitches on 2 needles as usual.  Knit from one of the needles as you normally would, leaving the second needle in place. When you’re ready to work from the provisional cast-on edge, the stitches are right there on the needle, ready to go.

Now to talk about my latest design. I call it "50 Shades of Teal" because it was designed to be knitted with a gradient yarn, e.g. teal, especially for the 2 Knit Lit Chicks KAL. Join the KnitAlong to get lots of support and encouragement, as well as to qualify for prizes!

This cozy wearable wrap is in the shape of a V with the point cut off. It’s better than a rectangular stole for wrapping around your shoulders, yet easier than crescents or half circle shapes.
It starts with a lace edging for the lower and side edges, then decreases are used to create the angles that make the shape.
There are lacy bands of different textures that will show off a gradient yarn, or 2 complementary colors, since different lace textures will be different colors. There are lace designs such as the fir tree lace, rows of eyelets, and a tulip motif. I have added stockinette stitch, and garter stitch bands too, for some restful knitting.
Optional beads are included in the design.
There will be both written and charted instructions.

Do you love it? Buy it here- 50 Shades of Teal Shawl.

Lastly, during October I will be featured on KnitPurlGirl's blog, so check it out (starting Oct 6) for a fabulous giveaway, discounts on all my patterns, and more. (Hint: discount code is KNITPURL).

See you next time for more hints and tips!


  1. Using JMCO as a provisional cast-on is brilliant! That's pretty much what it is, anyway, just using the second needle instead of waste yarn, right? I knew they were similar, but I'd never made the leap to try it like that. Thanks!

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