Saturday, August 6, 2011

Busy busy week!

This has been a busy week for my knitting designs.

First, an exciting announcement, my pattern for the Belmont Park Child’s Hoodie is published. It’s available through Knipicks or through my Ravelry store. Yes I have a Ravelry store!
In other news, Vogue Knitting Live is going to be in Los Angeles this September. This is a new event, as the first one was in New York City this past January. Hope it's the first of many more knitting events in the SoCal area.

I gather it’s something like Stitches, with lots of classes, lectures, demonstrations, a marketplace, fashion show, and other special events. I am registered, and will be attending 2 classes and a lecture. I’m so looking forward to it!

Anyway, the super-exciting part is that I submitted some designs for the fasion show, and was accepted!! Cool!

I will be whipping up a cowl and matching fingerless mitts in the next few weeks. As soon as I finish the 2 sweaters on my needles. Yikes. I think I have got myself overbooked again.
And, even more news, a new knit magazine (Knit Now) is starting up in the UK and they have been asking for submissions, They seem to be focusing on smaller accessory type items, at least for now. I sent them a few of my ideas and they accepted 3 of them !
Unfortunately I can’t do them all in the time allowed, one reason being I have vacation trip coming up and I won’t be able to knit (or write patterns) several hours a day as I sometimes do at home. But I think I can do 2 smaller pieces…. At least that’s the plan!

And when I’m back from my trip, I have a shawl to work on – for yet another magazine! So things are really bubbling along!
And yes, I do finish things sometimes, I have a project ready to mail off to yet another well known US based knitting magazine. I can't show it to you yet, but it's a new "slant" on the old favorite garter stitch scarf. I can show you the yarn, though. It's from Green Mountain Spinnery, and it's luscious! This is the Pumpkin colorway.

I’ll close now and get back to the travel part of the knit and travel blog next time !

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