Saturday, November 27, 2010

Sad News

I'm sorry to report that my mother in law Celia (whom I mention in the the previous post) passed away a week ago.

She was suffering from leukemia.
Last spring she experienced a remission and we were able to have 8 additional months together, but the disease was too much for her.

All her 6 children and several grandchildren were with her when she passed away.

I just got back from 2 weeks in NYC where we spent several days in the ICU, and then attending the funeral and observing the 7 day mourning period.

Here are my fave pictures of her, taken when we took her to Australia in January to meet her great granddaughter.

She will be missed.


  1. Sorry about your MIL. I am glad, though, you got to spend time with her before she passed.

    I only just saw your post - I'm miles behind on the interwebs.

    Been meaning to write to you to tell you that I keep seeing/hearing your name pop up: you're in the Knitmore Girls book aren't you? And I read your piece in Knit Simple.

    - Pam

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