Monday, March 2, 2009

Happy Birthday to me

My birthday.

Well, I don’t like being reminded that I’m getting older, but – as a friend of ours says – it’s better than the alternative !
DH was very sweet and attentive. Last night we went out to dinner at one of LA’s best restaurants, Spago. Didn’t see any movie stars, but enjoyed the dinner immensely. I had a sashimi appetizer, roasted duck breast, and raspberry soufflé for dessert. Delicious.
There was also a cosmo and a nice glass of wine. Lovely !

DH’s gift to me was a bunch of tulips (which he has finally learned that I prefer to roses) and a bottle of Calyx perfume (eau de parfum to be exact). It’s definitely one of my faves, and my current supply was getting very low, which he must have noticed. So it was a very good choice.

I had told him I wanted gift certificates to a yarn store, or membership in a sock club, but I think he doesn’t quite get my obsession with all things knitting and didn’t quite believe me.
Oh well, I’ll just buy the yarn I want anyway ;-)

I’m currently destashing some yarn I’m no longer excited about, and in turn buying some items that others are getting rid of. Here is my destash page if you want to take a look.
So it’s working out OK…

I received birthday cards – both paper and electronic – from lots of friends so I’m happy. We had plans to visit Huntington Gardens today ( a huge botanical garden plus museum), but I have had problems with my foot, so I’d better rest it. I have a long awaited vacation trip to Australia starting Tuesday, and I want to be healed by then.

On my actual birthday, Sunday, I taught DH how to make coffee (I KNOW, right?) and he made me some. We hung around the house a bit (he has a bad cold), and then I sat outside and knitted in the sunshine while he napped indoors.

We went out for late lunch/early supper at Joan’s on Third, where I had a yummy muffelata sandwich. We had planned to see a movie after, but DH’s cold was really bothering him so we came home again. He pointed out that we will be seeing a lot of movies on our flight to Australia, which I thought was a valid point. We ended up watching a Netflix movie at home instead. And more knitting of course. So a very quiet evening.

That’s about it !

NJ - you asked if I see stars in LA.
Yes, sometimes we actually do. We have spotted: Jack nicholson, Jerry seinfeld (when his show was still being produced), Brooke Shields, Julia Louis Dreyfus, Sean Connery, Rod Stewart, Bill murray, Steve Martin, Ron Howard, Al Pacino. Oh just yesterday I saw James Denton, who plays Mike on Desperate Housewives.

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  1. I think you almost have to be a knitter to understand giving yarn as a gift. I was lucky at Christmas that my kids actually listened. Mike bought me a gift certificate at the lys. And my daughter went in and bought me yarn and sew in tags. I love your tulips. I agree that Tulips are much better than roses. I really love the spring flower bouquets.

    I love hearing about you sitting in the sun knitting. Today it was so bitterly cold that I almost froze off my fingertips getting gas. Can't wait for spring.

    Do you see stars around LA very often? The only star I've ever seen here is Dan Akroyd but he's from Kingston so he comes home a lot and supports a lot of community events.