Monday, February 2, 2009

Knitting and such

Maybe I should blog about my actual, you know, knitting, once in a while.

Pretty Green Cowl

I had been seeing all these really nice patterns for cowls, and thought, how pretty, and fun to knit. Too bad I can’t use them, here in LA where it’s 70 degrees (20 Celsius). Then I thought of my poor sister, freezing her tail off, up in Toronto, and emailed to ask if she would like one. Mind you, I have already knit her a scarf (cashmere, doncha know), socks, and 2 hats this year, so she has not been totally deprived.

She emailed back that she would indeed like one, so that she can cover her mouth and nose with it on the coldest days.

All I can say is “Brrrrrr”.

I chose the Cherry Garcia pattern, because I love cables.

I had a great skein of wool for it too, 127 Print (soft sage green with splashes of other colors) which I got from a person who was destashing. I had been waiting for the perfect use for it.

I knitted it quickly because I wanted her to have it while it was still cold. There was enough yarn left that I could make a double lining for extra warmth. Perfect!

So I mailed it off to her in less than a week. She did indeed like it.

That was my first FO of 2009.

Seascape Shawl

I had 5 skeins of a fuzzy mohair yarn which looked as though it should work for this pattern. It’s a really lovely blue-lilac color, like hydrangeas or blue hyacinth. I picked this up at a yarn swap at my local Stitch n B!tch group.

The Seascape pattern (from Knitty)

was less fussy, more tailored, than a lot of lace shawls and seemed like a good bet for my first lace shawl. Mohair is really hard to unravel to I’d better plan on getting this right.

Also, inspired by someone’s version on Ravelry, I decided to add beads: some at the edges, and one in the center of each motif. So, my first beaded project as well.

Might I add the mohair is really hairy and gets all over my clothes and even up my nose when I work. I have to stop working on it an hour before I go to bed or else I sneeze and cough when I’m trying to get to sleep.
Anyway, my mother-in-law is staying with us for a while, so I decided I would make it for her. She is always complaining that she’s cold, even here in LA, so this might help.
She used to knit but doesn’t anymore, so at least she does appreciate the work that is going into it. I hope she’ll like it.

There are some errors near the beginning, before I decided to obsessively put stitch markers every 10 stitches and keep counting that there were exactly 10 stitches between markers. Once I did that, there were no more errors.

As I write this, I have about one more inch left to go, then I have to block. (gulp!) Of course I’ll post pics here and on my Ravelry page. I will also share my MIL’s reaction.

I think it looks pretty good.

Globe and Mail article

Here's an article sent to me by my sister.
Yarn bombers cozy up to the urban landscape

Stealthy knitters are leaving their mark on the Great Wall of China, the Golden Gate Bridge and a street near you
From Friday's Globe and MailJanuary 30, 2009 at 10:03 AM EST

VANCOUVER — Beware the friend who suddenly takes up crochet. She (or he) may be a yarn bomber.

Working under code names such as Incogknito and the Microfiber Militia, a global network of "craftivists" is stitching makeshift sweaters, oversized tea cozies and giant pompoms around public property. Street poles, trees, bike racks, bridges - nothing is safe in target cities such as London, Paris, Chicago and Stockholm.

The craftivists' manifesto, according to Vancouver knitters Mandy Moore and Leanne Prain, is "world yarn domination."Paris was hit in 2007 when hundreds of knitted socks were slid onto street posts in the Marais district.

I liked this quote, "Knitta has since left its mark on the Great Wall of China, the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris and San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge, inspiring legions of youth to rush out and buy knitting needles."

Hee. Watch out for stampedes at your local LYS!:-)

Here is one of the comments: "So that's why they won't allow knitting needles onto planes! They're weapons of mass production! "

See you next time for more knitting tales, or should I say -- yarns :-)

Get it ?


  1. I really love that cowl. The colours are beautiful! Your sister will probably still have a couple months to use it.

  2. Lovely. Your MIL will love that shawl, I'm sure. And I bet your sister is thankfulfor the cowl!

    I joined the Crochet Liberation Front, but never did bomb anything. But the Golden Gate Bridge....NOW I'm inspired. Stay tuned.

  3. MOI - I will check the news for any signs of crochet covering the GG Bridge !!