Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Warm Ewe Up Swap -- First Package

So exciting !
I’m pleased to say that my swap package arrived today.

There is: gorgeous yarn (Hand Maiden Mini Maiden, silk and wool in a beautiful rich red), the great Yarn Harlot calendar, a knitter's magnet, and some oh so cute stitch markers. I love them all, and I especially appreciate the Canadian content.
I don’t have any silk yarn so this one will be a new one for me. The colour is absolutely gorgeous – great choice!
I also don’t have any decorative stitch markers, I currently use the very practical plastic ones but these are so much nicer. Love the mittens and scarf and socks – so much fun. And the magnet is great – can’t wait to brandish that!

I should say it all arrived in a very timely manner – I had a bad day (my foot is sore and has swollen up for no apparent reason) and I was kind of grouchy when I arrived home. So it was a nice treat to find this package waiting for me.

Thanks, secret pal! Ya done good !!


  1. I'm having foot trouble too -- although mine is from dropping a shelf on my foot from a great height. But there's nothing like having a really good excuse to NOT run errands. I say, put your foot up and KNIT!

  2. Reply to km: Ouch, that must hurt!

    I was also grouchy because I had not been able to watch the inauguration, but my DH (who is not working right now) and MIL (who is staying with us for 2 months) had both been watching all day. Yet when I get home at 6 pm, limping on my sore foot, *I* have to cook supper for everyone.

  3. Oh, gee, Brenda. Send them to detention! They didn't learn enough in school.

    Lovely package, though.